Shaggy and Lauren White

Shaggy and Lauren White have four wonderful kids, Shaggy(Cooper), Alice, Harlan and Anson. They are serving Africa Inland Mission through media work in East Africa. They help other missionaries tell the stories of what God is doing through them, provide and create media based tools that are used to share the Gospel across Africa and help train indigineous workers in media while discipling them. This helps the indigineous workers to have a tent-making skill where they are sent. At the core of what they do, they're storytellers living in a digital age. Shaggy has been involved in video and photography since the mid-90's and has corporate, government and freelance video experience. Lauren has worked for ministries and nonprofits. She shares her administrative skills with the Africa Based Services in Nairobi. Lauren also helps with housing and orienting new workers to Nairobi life.On top of all that, she also manages a home with 4 children... 5, if you count Shaggy (she's basically super woman).

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