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Africa Inland Mission | United States Mobilizing Region


*Note: Can't find your Missionary or AIM Retiree? Some of our personnel are not listed.
To give to an unlisted member Click here.*

**Please note:
all online giving is for missionary support. If you'd like to make a personal gift
(i.e. Birthdays, Christmas), please send a check to AIM payable to the missionary.
Gloria Smethers

My name is Gloria Smethers. I have been a nurse with AIM since 1985 when the Lord sent me to Rethy, Zaire(present DRC) till 1996 when we had to leave for political unrest. From there the Lord led me to Kalacha, Kenya for 11 years doing Community Health and teaching Jr church at the local AIC church among the Gabbra and Borana. From 2009-2012, I was at Kijabe,Kenya as one of the nurse staff at RVA plus a class sponsor. For the last 4 years as of September 2017, I am one of two nurses at AIM Retirement center in Minneola, Florida. I am thankful to the Lord for His guidance, wisdom, and peace in the past in my life. Thanks Lord!

Currently, as a nurse at the AIM Retirement center I have a ministry to 75+ dear saints who have served the Lord for at least 20 years(or more) in Africa. I am happy to be here to help these dear folks get the medical care they need, go to doctor appointments with them, help,find answers to their insurance questions, and enjoy their stories and company as a plus!! A number of couples retired here were on staff at RVA when I was in high school and contributed to my life. Now it is an opportunity to return back to them for the input into my life! I am thankful to the Lord for this ministry. Thanks for you all who pray and support me, financially. Because of your generosity and sacrificial giving, I can continue here in to assist these dear folks who deserve good care for their service to the Lord!!!

Jonathan and Abby St Clair

Jonathan and Abby St.Clair have been serving with Africa Inland Mission since January of 2013. Until 2108, they helped lead AIM’s T.E.E. program (Theological Education by Extension) based in Mokhotlong, Lesotho, training pastors and church leaders who are not able to attend a traditional Bible school.

Starting in April 2019, their current assignment will be based in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, serving in international refugee resettlement. Jonathan and Abby and their four kids are excited about this new opportunity to work with African migrants and share the love of Jesus with refugees through cooperation with the Spanish evangelical church. Their ministry opportunities will include street evangelism, teaching English, sports outreach, youth ministry, job empowerment, translation services, social work, and pastoral ministry.

For recent news and information, you may follow their blog at:

John and Heather Stahley

John and Heather Stahley are telling others the good news about Jesus in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  They are both currently serving at HOPAC (Haven of Peace Academy) as teachers, John as a secondary math teacher and Heather as third grade primary teacher.  While they both love spending time on campus building into the lives of the students, they can be found doing life and developing relationships with the locals just beyond their doorstep.    

They, along with their four children, are thankful for the prayer and financial support and are excited to see what the Lord will continue to do through them as they remain poised on their tiptoes with anticipation as to what the Lord might do next.

Debby Stephens

Debby serves as the Director of Development for AIM's U.S. Heaquarters in Peachtree City, Georgia. In addition to visiting and thanking AIM donors across the U.S., Debby also co-leads AIM's Kenya Safari and Mission Tour.

Jon and Susan Stocksdale

We're Jon and Susan Stocksdale. We've been part of Rift Valley Academy for almost 30 years. We feel privileged to enable mission efforts all over the continent of Africa by providing a healthy, quality, well-rounded American education for the children of missionaries. Susan is a counselor and Jon is a teacher and technology developer. Our heart is for third culture kids (TCKs) - young adults who grow up between worlds and end up making a significant impact in all of them. Our goal is to make RVA a really great place for them to grow and learn.

Lamar and Janice Stoltzfus

Lamar and Janice Stoltzfus serve at Rift Valley Academy, in Kijabe, Kenya. They have been involved in full time service with Africa Inland Mission since 2009. During their time at Rift Valley Academy, they have served in several capacities ranging from dorm parenting, teaching, leading departments, and mentoring students.

Most recently, Janice has served as the Guidance Director at the school. She creates and maintains student schedules, transcripts, and diplomas. She also coordinates and supervises standardized testing, student support services, and ESL services. While her role requires constant communication with teachers, dorm parents, parents, administrators, government agencies, and educational organizations, her favorite people to talk with are her students!

Lamar has served as the Director of Services for the school. His position deals with the day to day operation of the school and its various departments. While his official role requires a 24/7 style work schedule that keeps him hopping, he enjoys taking time to build relationships with members of the missionary and national staff.

Bill & Laurie Stough

Bill and Laurie Stough are on a journey, walking with the small-holder farming families and people who live by what they grow, who represent a vast majority of the population. They envision and equip people to implement and experience "Farming God's Way," an exciting resource, particularly applied to agriculture, interweaving Biblical principles, sustainable technology, and ethical management. The big picture vision across the countries of central Africa, is to identify and engage strategic contexts: church and ministry partners, rural pastors and their communities, pastors in training, youth rescued from the streets, university students, and teams working amongst least reached and unreached people groups.

Bill and Laurie are based in Jinja, Uganda. Their children, Meghan and Liam, graduated from Rift Valley Academy and are in College in the US.

Kay Stradinger

Kay is a clinical psychologist preparing to return to Kenya to serve at Tumaini Counselling Centre in Nairobi. She’s had an interest in cross-cultural missions for most of her life, and when she became an empty nester, God called her to go. 

Two short term mission trips to Kenya with a small non-profit allowed her to use counseling skills in the settings of marginalized communities, and to visit Tumaini to meet the staff that provides mental health and pastoral care support to missionaries stationed in Africa. She was thrilled to serve at Tumaini for six months (2017-18) and is eager to return in 2019 as a full-term AIM missionary.

James and Bev Streit

Jim and Bev serve as part of Africa Inland Mission's aviation ministry, AIM AIR, based in Nairobi, Kenya. 

Lisa Sudman

Bio not available.

Stephanie Sudman

Stephanie Sudman is working in the D.R. Congo helping CECA-20 to train and equip Sunday School directors, teachers, and pastors in Sunday School ministry. She works with a small team of both missionaries and Congolese pastors. They are currently coming alongside one of the existing churches to help start children and youth ministry programs. Why? During President Mobutu's reign, only the political youth party was allowed as an organized youth group. So, more than one generation have grown up without knowing how to organize children and youth activities well. Sunday Schools, Bible Study groups and Kid's and Youth activities in the Church is part of the vision to build a mature, Christ-Centered Church. Recognizing that children and youth are the future of the church, there is a huge potential for discipleship among children and youth within each local church. The church wants to equip leaders in Sunday Schools, school chaplains, youth choir leaders, as well as pastors and elders of local churches in all their districts.

Pray for church leaders to open their hearts to children's ministry

Pray for willing and eager Sunday school directors and teachers

Pray for Stephanie's language learning

Pray for peace in DRC

DRC Mailing Address: c/o CECA-20 B.P. 143 Bunia, Ituri DRCongo 

(**PAPER LETTERS ONLY! It will take at least a month to arrive)


Stephanie Sudman posts a picture-of-day to Instagram so you can see what normal life in DRC is like (even if you don't have Instagram).

Related AIM Projects:

Dan and Bethany Tanner

Daniel Tanner was born and raised in Tanzania as a missionary child. He met and married Bethany Tanner in Montana in 1988. They moved to Tanzania to work with Nassa Theological College in 1991. They have 5 children Kaylen, Danae, Launa, Levi and Reuben.  

Currently, Dan and Bethany work with Mavuno Village,, that was founded in 2004. It is a family based, agriculturally focused group of families that care for orphaned and vulnerable children. Our passion is to teach families and children the gospel. We also are passionate about families providing for their own needs through entrepreneurship opportunities.

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