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Africa Inland Mission | United States Mobilizing Region


*Note: Can't find your Missionary or AIM Retiree? Some of our personnel are not listed.
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Shaggy and Lauren White

Shaggy and Lauren White have three wonderful kids, Shaggy (Cooper), Allie and Harlan. They are serving Africa Inland Mission through On Field Media. They help other missionaries tell the stories of what God is doing through them, provide and create media based tools that are used to share the Gospel across Africa and help document unreached people groups. At the core of what they do, they're storytellers living in a digital age. 

Shaggy has been involved in video and photography since the late 90's and has corporate, government and freelance video experience. Lauren has worked for ministries and nonprofits and homeschools their three children(she's basically super woman).

Robert and Courtney Whitefield

Bobby and Courtney and their two daughters, Paisley and Jaycee, are eager to serve with Africa Inland Mission in Kondoa, Tanzania on a TIMO team starting June 2020. Their heart's desire is to reach the Unreached People Groups of Africa through farming/agriculture and birth support. They are excited to be working with the local church to equip and mobilize local believers.

Emily Wiarda

It is a joy and privilege to serve at Rift Valley Academy. I love getting to do life with my dorm girls and support the ministries of their families all across Africa. Being a dorm mom means that I am there to help with homework, cheer them on at their sports games or performances, celebrate birthdays, make them clean their rooms(!), and encourage and challenge them. As Aunt Emily, I get to walk with my girls through the ups and downs of life. I also love working with our ESL program and supporting our students whose first language isn't English It is a blessing to work with the unique people group of MKs and to disciple them to know and love Jesus more.

Joel and Lauren Wildasin

Joel and Lauren serve in an outreach ministry in rural Tanzania, teaching sustainable agriculture methods.

Eric and Julianne Wildgen

Eric and Julianne are committed to seeing the church in Africa mature and expand. After serving for 8 years in Kenya doing church-planting and discipleship, we moved to Chad in central Africa. Working alongside the Evangelical Church of Chad, our ministry has been to train and equip pastors and church leaders for spiritual growth and spiritual leadership. This has led to numerous opportunities for preaching and leading Bible studies in undeveloped areas. It has also opened up doors to train pastors at the regional Bible schools and the denominational seminary. Chad is home to more than 70 unreached tribes, training Chadians to live out their faith in some of these unreached areas is part of Africa Inland Mission's strategy to reach all of Chad with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Adam and Cori Willard

Adam and Cori serve as Uganda Unit Leaders.

Rachel Williams

I was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya because my parents were missionaries with Africa Inland Mission. We moved to the U.S. when I was 8 years old but I left a piece of my heart in Africa and a piece of the African culture stuck with me. Just before my ninth birthday the Holy Spirit convicted me of my sin. I fully understood the Gospel and that God could forgive my sins; I believed in Him that day and became God’s child (John 1:12). I was baptized shortly after and a few years later, at age 12, dedicated my life to missions. I was involved with Child Evangelism Fellowship for eight years and during that time God taught me that I could not teach others what I was not willing to learn myself.

The Lord led me to attend the Word of Life Bible Institute for two years where I grew in my knowledge of God and His Word and my passion for missions. I applied for their Cross-Cultural Internship program and spent two years of ministry in South Africa and Mozambique while finishing my degree with Clark’s Summit University. I grew so much in my relationship with God, a deep, personal, wonderful relationship I cannot imagine living without. Near the end of the internship I began praying about what was next.

God developed in me a heart for those who are unreached with the Gospel, people that are lost with no hope and do not know they can have a personal relationship with their Creator. I applied to Africa Inland Mission, was accepted as a full-time missionary, and I have four assignment options to pray through and decide on as I begin this next phase of the journey.

Michael and Jillian Wills

Michael and Jillian Wills and their family serve at Rift Valley Academy (RVA), a school for missionary kids in Kijabe, Kenya. Their heart is to educate, disciple and help care for 500 missionary kids during the school year, supporting the work of their families as they bring the gospel all over the continent of Africa. 

Michael's passion for biology and the outdoors extends beyond his classroom, as he engages the students in camping, fishing and hammock-making adventures. Jill's organizational skills help keep the elementary school running efficiently, but her true passion is mentoring and discipling high school girls. Their three kids love life at RVA and contribute fun and joy to the ministry and community. 

Mark and Sabra Wilson

Mark and Sabra have been with Africa Inland Mission for 30 years. They work behind the scenes to make possible the ministry that takes place in Africa and around the world. Our home office takes care of a variety of tasks enabling our missionaries to give their attention to the work, which God has called them to. Peachtree City, Georgia is Mark and Sabra’s field of service. Our home office is the center of operations for all our missionaries, their donors and the churches that support them.

Mark is the facilities manager for the US office. He also has the pleasure of cooking for connect weeks and farewell luncheons. Sabra has worked in the finance department for the last 16 years in the accounts payable position.

Stephen and Debbie Wolcott

Steve and Debbie have been with AIM since 1982 serving in DRCongo, Kenya, and Uganda in different capacities--support ministries, research, outreach/church planting, and leadership.  

Steve is engaged in encouraging, strengthening, and empowering the church in Central Africa through discipleship, indigenous missions mobilization, and outreach. 

Debbie serves as a consultant and trainer for the Healing the Wounds of Trauma program of the American Bible Society's Trauma Healing Institute.

John and Pam Wollman

John and Pam serve as part of AIM's U.S. Headquarters team in Peachtree City, Georgia. John heads up AIM's IT department and Pam serves as the Receipting Manager. Before joining the Headquarters team, the Wollmans also served for a number of years among an unreached people group in northern Kenya.

Chris and Candy Wood

Hi we are the Wood family and we live on the South Coast of Kenya working on the Digo Focus Team! God has always impressed upon our hearts a love for the lost. So in 2013, we traveled to Uganda and while we were there, we were awoken by the Mosque’s call to prayer every day. Our eyes were opened to the vast amount of people in darkness, because of the bondage of Islam. It was shortly after our time in Uganda that we knew God was leading us to Africa to reach out to a Muslim people. In 2014, God showed us His people the Digo, whom He created in His beautiful image, and we knew that was where He was calling our family of 8 (now almost 10) to go and fervently serve Him?!

We have been serving in Kwale, Kenya since 2015. The Digo follow Islam and have been very resistant to the Gospel. Their practice of animism (the belief that non-human objects have spirits) and ancestor worship (praying to deceased ancestors for help and guidance) still have more influence on the Digo community than does Islam. There is a spiritual battle going on for the hearts of the Digo in Kenya. Satan has also put a blanket of blindness on the surrounding believers regarding the Digo's spiritual need. It is estimated that there are only about 200-250 Digo Christians in Kenya. This means that approximately 0.1% of the Digo population is Evangelical Christians. Please join us in prayer for these people as we encourage local Kenyan believers to reach out to their Digo neighbors and for us to be able to continue to build good relationships with the Digo, so we may share the hope of Christ with them.

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AIM works in more than 20 African countries, including some islands of the Indian Ocean, and in other countries around the globe where ethnic Africans have settled. Our work is divided into five regions: Eastern, Central, Southern, Northern, and Diaspora Ministries.