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Africa Inland Mission | United States Mobilizing Region


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Stephen and Debbie Wolcott

Steve and Debbie have been with AIM since 1982 serving in DRCongo, Kenya, and Uganda in different capacities--support ministries, research, outreach/church planting, and leadership.  

Steve is engaged in encouraging, strengthening, and empowering the church in Central Africa through discipleship, indigenous missions mobilization, and outreach. 

Debbie serves as a consultant and trainer for the Healing the Wounds of Trauma program of the American Bible Society's Trauma Healing Institute.

John and Pam Wollman

John and Pam serve as part of AIM's U.S. Headquarters team in Peachtree City, Georgia. John heads up AIM's IT department and Pam serves as the Receipting Manager. Before joining the Headquarters team, the Wollmans also served for a number of years among an unreached people group in northern Kenya.

Chris and Candy Wood

Hi we are the Wood family and we live on the South Coast of Kenya working on the Digo Focus Team! God has always impressed upon our hearts a love for the lost. So in 2013, we traveled to Uganda and while we were there, we were awoken by the Mosque’s call to prayer every day. Our eyes were opened to the vast amount of people in darkness, because of the bondage of Islam. It was shortly after our time in Uganda that we knew God was leading us to Africa to reach out to a Muslim people. In 2014, God showed us His people the Digo, whom He created in His beautiful image, and we knew that was where He was calling our family of 8 (now almost 10) to go and fervently serve Him?!

We have been serving in Kwale, Kenya since 2015. The Digo follow Islam and have been very resistant to the Gospel. Their practice of animism (the belief that non-human objects have spirits) and ancestor worship (praying to deceased ancestors for help and guidance) still have more influence on the Digo community than does Islam. There is a spiritual battle going on for the hearts of the Digo in Kenya. Satan has also put a blanket of blindness on the surrounding believers regarding the Digo's spiritual need. It is estimated that there are only about 200-250 Digo Christians in Kenya. This means that approximately 0.1% of the Digo population is Evangelical Christians. Please join us in prayer for these people as we encourage local Kenyan believers to reach out to their Digo neighbors and for us to be able to continue to build good relationships with the Digo, so we may share the hope of Christ with them.

Brett and Jennifer Wright

Brett and Jennifer are preparing to serve with Africa Inland Mission's aviation ministry, AIM AIR, which is based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Evan and Kristal Young

Evan and Kristal serve in Nairobi, Kenya as part of Africa Inland Mission's aviation branch, AIM AIR, a ministry that serves the needs of 50+ Christian organizations and hundreds of missionaries.

Pete and Tija Young

Pete, Tija and their 4 kids have been called by God into the mission field to serve with AIM Air in northern Kenya.  Currently based in Lokichoggio, Kenya, Pete is a pilot/mechanic and Tija home schools their daughters, Leah and Sela as well as works with the local church to disciple women around her.  Their older boys, Joel and Seth are attending Rift Valley Academy in Kijabe, Kenya.

Their desire is to be used by God in whatever He asks; be it flying missionaries and cargo into the hardest places to minister in Kenya and South Sudan, or to be available for discipleship when it arises during every day interactions with people around them.  Realizing that sometimes, the interruption is God's plan for ministry.

Casey Zoppa

Casey Zoppa is preparing to go to Madagascar. In 2021 she will be serving as a homeschool teacher for two missionary kids. She will also be helping with the children’s ministry that has started in the community of the Bara people.

Other ministry opportunities will include evangelism, supporting local churches, and providing relief in social assistance for children and widows in difficulty.  

She is excited to join the Basso family in their work for Madagascar!

Kevin and Cami Zwart

After serving in Mozambique since 2007, Kevin and Cami moved to Namibia in September of 2016 where Kevin is serving as Unit Leader, working together in leading the field with Cami.  Kevin continues to oversee the TEE program he founded in Mozambique and visits the leaders there annually to train and encourage them as they move forward and expand the work.  In Namibia, we are supporting our personnel as we look for new ways to equip the local church to become senders, as well as look for God's leading in bringing new personnel to encourage and train Namibians to better serve their churches and reach out to the lost.

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Mobilizing Offices

AIM is a global organization comprised of both sending and receiving entities. Each sending country is home to a Mobilizing Office, and this is the first place of contact for engaging with AIM. Find the Mobilizing Office nearest you to learn more about opportunities to serve or partner with AIM.

Receiving Regions

AIM works in more than 20 African countries, including some islands of the Indian Ocean, and in other countries around the globe where ethnic Africans have settled. Our work is divided into five regions: Eastern, Central, Southern, Northern, and Diaspora Ministries.