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Africa Inland Mission | United States Mobilizing Region


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AIC Dukana Outreach

This project exists to help AIM personnel and church partners to evangelize and disciple the Gabbra people living in the border region between Kenya and Ethiopia. Outreach includes Bible studies, showings of the Jesus Film, and Christian films and audio via Wifi to smartphone users. Funds have also been used to complete missionary housing in the area, and for the development of a Christian Radio Station.

The project is currently being used to fund the installation of three wells to serve the Gabbra community.

AIC Kajiado Child Center

This project helps support the rehabilitation of Kenyan children with disabilities. Funds provide for the distribution of mobility aids, home-based care programs for children with cerebral palsy, disability awareness programs, physiotherapy services, referral to orthopedic hospitals for corrective surgery, and educational sponsorships.

AIC Kijabe Hospital

This project exists to help Kijabe Hospital to minimize suffering, restore and maintain health, and promote professional excellence and Christian commitment in order to provide quality, affordable and accessible health care. 97% of Kijabe Hospital's patients come because the care they can receive there is affordable. Accessing health care in a facility where spiritual ministry and evangelism is an integral part of the healing package has impacted thousands with the love of Christ. In a single year (2015) the hospital provided outpatient care to over 150,000 patients and 15,000 surgeries. The project funds surgeries for needy children and poor adults. It also provides for infrastructural upgrades to the hospital as needs arise.

AIC Missionary College Eldoret

This project helps to undergird the ministry of the Africa Inland Church (AIC) Missionary College in Eldoret, Kenya, a school dedicated to equiping African believers for outreach among Africa's remaining unreached peoples. 

AIM AIR Aircraft Upgrade

AIM AIR is the aviation wing of Africa Inland Mission, providing essential air support for outreach ministry in hard-to-reach places. The AIM AIR Aircraft Upgrade fund ensures that funding is in place for necessary upgrades to keep the AIM AIR fleet up-to-date and safe. Current upgrades will ensure that the AIM AIR turbine fleet is prepared for another decade of service. Upgrades can include avionics, airframe and engines.

AIM Air Navigation Subscription

Help AIM AIR Missionary Pilots pay for their yearly navigation subscription for electronic charts that are used on their daily flights.  Each AIM AIR pilot is required to pay for their commercially provide inflight software to be used on their iPad. The software contains geographical maps of East and Central Africa, and stores all of their needed flight publications. Your support to this essential project, keeps our pilots flying safely, while reducing the overall cost for missionaries to fly with AIM AIR.
A contribution of $200.00 will pay for 1 pilot to have a Navigation Subscription for 1 year.

AIM AIR Wings of Dawn

For those who serve in the farthest reaches of Africa, God’s graciousness is a moment by moment sustaining presence in their lives. Providing financial relief for some of our most needful flights is one way AIM AIR helps extend the grace of God to servants like these. AIM AIR’s “Wings of the Dawn” is a flight subsidy fund for select operations determined to be worthy and necessary, and where other funding is unavailable or inadequate to meet the operating expenses of the flight.

AIM Care Counseling

AIM Care at Tumaini Counseling Centers in Nairobi, Kenya and Kampala, Uganda provides support and counseling for missionaries serving across much of Africa.  AIM Care’s vision is to enhance missionary resilience so that they may serve effectively in the ministries God has called them.

This ongoing project helps support this ministry’s operation and travel when counselors provide services at field conferences.

AIM MK Scholarships

The AIM-US TCK Scholarship exists to help ease the financial burden that often comes with attending college. The scholarship is available to the college-age children of active, full members of AIM-US.

AIM Remote Missionary Support (ARMS)

“But God has so composed the body, giving greater honor to the part that lacked it, that there may be no division in the body, but that the members may have the same care for one another. If one member suffers, all suffer together; if one member is honored, all rejoice together.” (1 Cor. 12:24-26)

AIM Remote Missionary Support (ARMS) was created in response to a need for technical support to missionaries in remote locations. With a passion for reaching the unreached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and being utterly dependent on His grace, ARMS goal is to encourage missionaries by providing technical support that improves living conditions, increases safety and security, and provides peace of mind in the midst of a hostile environment. Whether working on housing, solar, water, vehicular or more, ARMS wants to enable the hands and feet of AIM to stay longer and reach farther, knowing that our arms can’t provide salvation, but that, “The LORD has bared his holy arm before the eyes of all the nations, and all the ends of the earth shall see the salvation of our God.” (Isaiah 52:10)

AIMstories Operations Fund

Support the team

The AIMstories Team moves between gathering media and developing it. Between filming in the far reaches of Africa and editing in our office in Nairobi, Kenya. We do it all on a shoestring budget that leaves little room for travel and equipment.

Our “Ops Fund” is an ongoing project set up to help bridge the gap between what we hope to accomplish and what is possible within our limited budget. It provides a way for interested partners - who believe in and are inspired by the ministry of AIMstories - to help us do what we do. Donations to this project are tax-deductible and go entirely to supplementing the team’s operational needs (travel expenses as we go capture stories throughout Africa and the Diaspora and equipment replacements).

Alagwa Scripture

Working in cooperation with the Seed Company, AIM's outreach team serving among the Alagwa people is working to produce an oral scripture translation so the unreached Alagwa people can have the message of the Good News available to them in their heart language. 

AIM Global Logo

Mobilizing Offices

AIM is a global organization comprised of both sending and receiving entities. Each sending country is home to a Mobilizing Office, and this is the first place of contact for engaging with AIM. Find the Mobilizing Office nearest you to learn more about opportunities to serve or partner with AIM.

Receiving Regions

AIM works in more than 20 African countries, including some islands of the Indian Ocean, and in other countries around the globe where ethnic Africans have settled. Our work is divided into five regions: Eastern, Central, Southern, Northern, and Diaspora Ministries.