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Africa Inland Mission | United States Mobilizing Region


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AIMstories Operations Fund

Support the team

The AIMstories Team moves between gathering media and developing it. Between filming in the far reaches of Africa and editing in our office in Nairobi, Kenya. We do it all on a shoestring budget that leaves little room for travel and equipment.

Our “Ops Fund” is an ongoing project set up to help bridge the gap between what we hope to accomplish and what is possible within our limited budget. It provides a way for interested partners - who believe in and are inspired by the ministry of AIMstories - to help us do what we do. Donations to this project are tax-deductible and go entirely to supplementing the team’s operational needs (travel expenses as we go capture stories throughout Africa and the Diaspora and equipment replacements).

Alagwa Scripture

Working in cooperation with the Seed Company, AIM's outreach team serving among the Alagwa people is working to produce an oral scripture translation so the unreached Alagwa people can have the message of the Good News available to them in their heart language. 

Alagwa Water

This project was established to provide clean water for the people of the Gaara area of Tanzania, in support of outreach efforts AIM has among the unreached Alagwa people. The project was set up in partnership with the people of the village who would like to build a water collection tank.

Amani School Operations

The Amani Pre and Primary School has been a central part of AIM's outreach among the unreached Digo people of coastal Tanzania. The project provides funds to continue quality education, and to reduce the learning gap between rural and urban students. It also facilitates spiritual transformation and development of the students through the clear teaching of the gospel. Project funds provide textbooks and help offset school overhead. The school serves nearly 300 students, the parents of whom are subsistence farmers and cannot afford to send their children away for a private school education.

Andre, Jordan and Kristin - Home Assignment Project

Living in this time of the novel coronavirus Covid-19 is challenging for us all. We’ve all had to adapt and change in so many ways and without much notice. Our lives in Kenya look drastically different today than they did just a year ago. 

Thankfully, we've been able to continue our ministry during this incredibly difficult and unprecedented time. Our hope and plan is to return to a somewhat normal schedule of visiting the USA for a Home Assignment during the summer months when our kids are on a break from school. This is usually a time to reconnect with supporters, report on ministry, and regroup for another year. Our Home Assignment Fund is designed to cover the extra expense of travel and housing during this time, and we set aside a small percentage of our overall support each month to account for those expenses. However, with five tickets to purchase, it's usually just not enough. This fund is set up to help cover the difference.

Thank you for your love and support of us as we seek to tell the stories of God at work among Unreached People Groups throughout Africa and the Diaspora! Truly, we couldn't do this without you!

Bethany Kids

This project helps to support the ministry of Bethany Kids surgical program, which provides thousands of life-changing surgeries each year for children ranging from newborns to 15. In addition to medical treatment, the program also provides Chaplaincy care, giving children and their families opportunities to learn about Christ's love and forgiveness.

Biblical Resources

The purpose of this project is to provide funds for buying Bibles, books and Scripture calendars, as well as purchasing or copying CDs and DVDs for spreading Gospel resources in the Islands of the Indian Ocean both in French and local languages.

Boran Bible School

This project exists to help Boran Christians pursue training for service as pastors and church leaders.

Capital Development in South Sudan

AIM South Sudan has initially targeted 9 unreached people groups in the eastern part of the country and the missionaries there are currently engaged in 4 of those groups.  Many are located in very remote locations. This project assists those in South Sudan build the houses and buildings needed for missionaries to move in and live among an unreached people group in remote locations.

Building in South Sudan generally requires sending materials via airplane to each location as the roads are in poor condition and there is general road insecurity. Gifts to this project will help with the cost of the materials and the transport of those materials.

The annual target for this project is $75,000

CAR Special Needs

This project exists to help church leadership and others in CAR with difficulties that arise that impair their ability to continue to lead the church (i.e. surgery, medication,and transportation needs) that cannot be met locally due to lack of infrastructure, or cost of flights or other transport.

CECA Discipleship Training

This project exists to help AIM personnel to equip church leaders to make discipleship a discipline in their church; follow-up on discipleship happening in the church; give assistance to preparation and multiplication of discipleship and training material for discipleship groups; research and procure material for spiritual growth; and to promote discipleship in all the churches through visits and seminars.

CECA Student Education

This projects helps to provide scholarships for students selected by CECA, AIM's church partner in DR Congo. Project funds also go toward the purchase of books and materials, and to facilitate travel for hands-on training and follow-up.

AIM Global Logo

Mobilizing Offices

AIM is a global organization comprised of both sending and receiving entities. Each sending country is home to a Mobilizing Office, and this is the first place of contact for engaging with AIM. Find the Mobilizing Office nearest you to learn more about opportunities to serve or partner with AIM.

Receiving Regions

AIM works in more than 20 African countries, including some islands of the Indian Ocean, and in other countries around the globe where ethnic Africans have settled. Our work is divided into five regions: Eastern, Central, Southern, Northern, and Diaspora Ministries.