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Africa Inland Mission | United States Mobilizing Region


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CECA Theological Education

This project exists to enhance the quality and access of theological training in DR Congo and to catalyze future pastors there to missions. The project funds participation and organization of seminars; supports better work in theological institutions through provision of books and material; printing of books and teaching notes; rehabilitation of theological institutions where necessary; supports outreach and Christian service for and by the students; partially supports teachers in remote areas; supports students of theology and especially those in the missions department; and the introduction of missions and prayer for the unreached people groups into all theological institutions.

Central Mozambique Unit Conference Project

Description not available.

Chad Church Assistance

This project exists to assist the local Chadian church in a variety of ways including: Bring consultants to Chad for teaching and continuing education of national church leaders in various disciplines, as well as nationals from other African countries with expertise in various disciplines to share their experiences with the Chad national church. Help pay for travel for church leadership for training opportunities outside of Chad. Fund one-time capital development for local churches. For example _ the installation of solar panels for the national church office headquarters so computers can be used in an area with very sparse electricity. To aid the local church with specific church-run outreach projects. To promote Chronological Storying to the Chadian Church

Chad Missionary Kids School

This project exists to help support the ministry of Wellspring Academy, an AIM-run school for the children of missionaries serving in Chad. The school also provides home school assistance to families who homeschool their children. The project helps with capital development, such as future expansion if needed, and other operational expenses.

Chad National Team Assistance

This project exists to assist in logistical needs of national missionaries serving alongside AIM personnel in the nation of Chad. The project helps fund set up, transport, and contingency needs for national missionaries.

Chad Oasis Cultural Center

The Oasis Cultural Center has been open for more than 20 years in the heart of capital of Chad.  Thousands of students from UPGs of Chad have passed through the classrooms where they have been taught English through Chronological Bible Stories.  Being the least expensive English center in the city allows Oasis to have full classes every semester, so as many as possible can have the opportunity to learn God's Word for the first time in their lives.  This project was opened to bridge the gap between student's fees and the costs of general maintenance as well as future improvements that will help to increase the efficiency of the ministry. 

Through the provision of God's people via this project, Oasis looks to improve on an aging library as well as to add a new multi-media library, by purchasing tablets that students can come to use as a "tablet library", where they will have access to hundreds of digital materials such as the Word in English and their heart language as well as the ability for further Bible teaching through videos, sermons, and ebooks that they can study without anyone knowing.  Oasis also needs room to expand as classrooms are regularly standing room only.  This project can help with future expansion projects as God provides.

The possibilities are literally limitless as God provides through His people to continue to offer these students with the opportunity to further their study of English through the Word of God - so that many will be able to know our gracious Father through His Son.

Chad Outreach

This project exists to provide funding for expenses related to outreach among the unreached peoples of Chad.

CHAD Team Housing

This project exists to provide buildings for housing, necessary office space and guest accommodation for AIM in Chad.

Christian Leadership Assistance

This project exists to assist men and women and their families who are ministering and desiring to grow in their understanding of and ability to lead through further training in East Africa.

Congo Children's Work

This project assists AIM personnel in reaching children for Christ through ministries with street children, orphans, Sunday school, and Bible study groups in primary and secondary schools.

Congo/CAR Crisis Relief

This project exists to provide relief and assistance to the people of Congo and CAR for needs resulting from war and conflict within those countries. The project provides funding so that AIM personnel and church partners can provide assistance in form of food and basic supplies, holistic (physical, emotional and spiritual) health care, evacuation/relocation and other types of relief to displaced people and other victims of conflict or civil strife; and to conduct trauma healing workshops.

Carolyn Cummings - Children's Ministry Project

Creating a Reliable Oasis Youth Soccer (CARO Soccer Club)

What is the way to a Kenyan boy’s heart?  Soccer!  By keeping this group of boys busy after school and weekends training,  competing, camping and doing Bible studies, CARO soccer club is harnessing their energy away from gangs, drugs and alcohol.  

Their home is Kibera, a very large, very crowded informal settlement along the banks of a fetid river in Nairobi, Kenya.  Besides the soccer teams, CARO sponsors a library for studies as these boys come from overcrowded homes with limited light and no access to books.  Regular discipleship takes place in the library and weekly Bible club.

AIM Global Logo

Mobilizing Offices

AIM is a global organization comprised of both sending and receiving entities. Each sending country is home to a Mobilizing Office, and this is the first place of contact for engaging with AIM. Find the Mobilizing Office nearest you to learn more about opportunities to serve or partner with AIM.

Receiving Regions

AIM works in more than 20 African countries, including some islands of the Indian Ocean, and in other countries around the globe where ethnic Africans have settled. Our work is divided into five regions: Eastern, Central, Southern, Northern, and Diaspora Ministries.